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What is cyber citizenship?

When most people think of the internet, they think of a fun and frivolous place where they can escape the real world.

But what happens when the line between the online and offline worlds blends? What happens when people start using the internet to spread hate or misinformation?

Cyber citizenship is the idea that people have specific responsibilities regarding their online behavior.

Although Cyber Citizenship is a relatively new concept, it has already become an essential part of our online lives.

Why? Because the internet has become a central part of our lives.

Become part of the journey at to learn about being a Cyber Citizen.

We’ll help you discover not only how to be a good Digital Citizen but how to thrive online. We’ll teach you everything from staying safe, to even making a living online.

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Let us lead the way

CyberCitizenship is all about helping readers learn about how to use the internet safely and ethically.

We offer courses and articles that teach people of all ages how to be good digital citizens.

Whether you’re a young adult who just wants to stay safe online or a senior citizen refreshing up on the basics internet, we can help you.

We’ve Got You Covered

Cyber Crime

Cybercrime is when a criminal uses the internet to do bad things.

Cyber Ethics

Cyber Ethics is when you do the right thing on the internet.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is when you keep your computer safe from criminals.

Internet Basics

Internet Basic is when you learn how to use the internet.

Just For Kids

A dedicated section that teaches kids how to use the internet safely and ethically.

Young Adults

Where Young Adults learn how to use the internet safely and ethically.

Senior CyberCitizens

Where people learn how to use the internet safely and ethically when they are older.

CyberCitizenship Course

A class that teaches you how to use the internet safely and ethically.

What our readers have to say

CyberCitizenship is an excellent program that teaches children and young adults about the dangers of cybercrime.

I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to educate their loved ones about staying safe online.


Angel Witicker

Head of Marketing, Extra Space

Thank you for your efforts in teaching children and young adults about cybercrime and its dangers.

Through your program, we are developing smart, ethical, and socially conscious online behavior.



Debra Becker

Founder & CEO, Divi Corner

If you’re looking for a way to keep your kids safe online, look no further than CyberCitizenship.

CyberCitizenship is the best way to keep your family safe online. They provide comprehensive education on cyber crime and its dangers, and their content is top-notch. I couldn’t recommend them more!

John Wise

Head of Design, Elegant Themes

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