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A Non-Profit Organization assisting the Internet Community since 1998.
Includes sections for parents, teens, kids and schools.

CyberSmart School Program
The CyberSmart! School Program provides five learning modules for schools to introduce the use of the Internet to elementary and middle school students and their families. This is a complete introductory program covering the issues of online safety, cyber ethics, online advertising and privacy, research skills and the basics of Internet technology. The CyberSmart! School Program is a non-profit initiative that is available free of charge!
College of Business & Industry, Mississippi State University
Purpose: To provide information on Information Systems Ethics (Cyber ethics) Education including content, delivery, pedagogy, and administration. To provide links to online information resources and courses that may be of interest to instructors and students. To provide a forum for discussion and assistance on issues and topics of interest to IS Ethics (Cyber ethics) instructors.
CalPoly Site by Elizabeth Brunner
A comprehensive PC Internet cyber law contact list for: alternative views, campaigns, legislation, lawsuits, hacking, information warfare, organizations, resources, and other important PC Internet privacy and PC computer security issues. In fact, if you visit the Web sites listed, you may find the pro's and con's of Internet privacy, laws, ethics, and more.
Cyberspace for Non-Lawyers
Presented by the Social Science Research Network, this site contains the course material (80 lessons) from the online course "Cyberspace for Non-Lawyers."
The Ethics Web: Ethics on the Net
This site conteins many links to articles and resources focused on online ethics.
The Computer Learning Foundation
The Computer Learning Foundation is an international nonprofit educational foundation, dedicated to improving the quality of education and preparation of youth for the workplace through the use of technology. To accomplish its mission, the Foundation provides numerous projects and materials to help parents and educators use technology effectively with children. The site contains useful information on online ethics.
Children's Software Press
The Children's Software Press produces many interesting and helpful titles regarding children's use of the Internet. Their publications include, among others, "Introduction to the Internet - A guide for Beginners", "Parenting Sites on the Web", and "Safety First: Children and the Internet - An Easy-to-Use Guide for Parent's and Teachers".
Avoiding Plagiarism
Plagiarism is one of the more serious issues in computer use. It is easy to do and it is a complicated topic to understand. Purdue University's Online Writing Lab covers the topic in detail. This is one of many excellent papers and handouts available from the Lab.
The Internet - The Law & You
This site,by Doris Marshell, provides an excellent student exercise in researching, understanding and presenting concepts in onlime law.

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