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  The high-profile threatening e-mail sent by one Columbine student to another student, and the recent arrest of the 15-year-old Canadian boy who infiltrated CNN's web site this past February provide good examples for discussing the ethics of online behavior with your kids. When such incidents occur, take the opportunity to discuss responsible computer use with your child. Take advantage of these teachable moments:
  • News Stories
    Take time to read news articles about hacking or cyber crime incidents to your child and discuss the impact it has had on those involved.
  • Movies or TV Shows Addressing Relevant Issues
    Discuss the reality of the issue with your child. What is your child's perception of the issue?
  • Personal Situations
    Ask your child how cyber crimes or irresponsible online behavior could affect friends and family.
  • School Projects/Assignments
    Address cyber ethics messages as your child conducts research online or shares his experiences on computers at school.


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