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  It is important to be aware of your child's computer skills and interests. Remember that it takes only a little knowledge to wreak a lot of havoc. Often, kids will develop technical skills and look for ways to challenge themselves. If you recognize that your child is interested in exploring computer technology, you can reinforce positive behavior and encourage positive applications of this interest. Here are some ideas for focusing your child's energies and creativity:
  • Communication:
    Encourage e-mailing with friends and family to become comfortable with appropriate and respectful online communication.

  • Leadership:
    Recommend that your child adopt a position of responsibility in school as a computer monitor to assist classmates with computer use. Explore the Internet together. Ask your child to teach you about the Internet, visit educational sites, e-mail questions, and participate in online discussions - together.

  • Creativity:
    Foster creative computer use by developing a personal or family Web site. Or turn Web design into an "art" hobby to include in community fairs or children's art exhibits.

  • Education:
    If your child is older, suggest participating in school or community programs that teach in-depth technological skills or offer challenging technical opportunities.


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