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Get Net Wise
GetNetWise offers links to educational and entertaining Internet sites that are appropriate for kids.

Safety Tips for Kids on the Internet
Safety Tips for Kids on the Internet
This FBI site includes links to Internet Law Enforcement Stories and A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety

Cyberethics for Kids
See if you are a good "Cybercitizen," learn how to use the Internet safely and responsibly, and find out what happened to a young hacker.

Warner Bros. Kids
Warner Bros. Kids

Internet learning tool for kids - also useful for parents not familiar with the Net. Play it together with your child.


Family Tech Tips and excellent links to great sites for kids.

CyberNetiquette Comix

Welcome to CyberNetiquette Comix, an entertaining, interactive way for families to learn valuable lessons about online safety. Join classic Disney characters for adventure, fun, and online awareness tips. We encourage parents and children to enjoy and discuss these interactive fables together.

Kids New Zealand

Directory of shopping, events, activities, childcare, and support organizations for parents of children up to 12 years old.

Cybersense and Nonsense

This offering from the Canadian Media Awareness Network lets children help the three "CyberPigs" uncover racism on the Internet. Go to this site's home page and uncover a wealth of information for parents, students and teachers.


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